The salmon pink recipes

A Salmon Pink Bouillabaisse
a meal for friendship: shellfish for spoons, homemade bread to splash fishy …
Rye bread—no rest for the salmon pink bakers!
pure rye bread, sour dream of crispiness
Wholemeal Sourdough Bread, dream of countryside
our bread routine for a loaf of wholemeal sourdough
The Salmon Pink Picnics
the salmon pink picnics, a.k.a. summer hosting!
crème fraîche, peach and apricot tart
spring in a tart
A quest for the best tomato sauce
Join us in our quest for the best tomato sauce!
Annalisa’s orange chiffon cake
A decadent birthday cake
Broccoli and anchovy pasta
Wednesday pasta: a salmon pink favourite
Almond Buns
Almond buns a.k.a. we miss almond croissants
The Aosawa Feast
A Japanese feast for two

Food writing

Sortir des sentiers battus: on foraging and cooking mushroom ragù by Margaux
A walk down memory lane, from the French suburban hypermarchés to foraging
Ratatouille, on memory and remaking by Margaux
a celebration of slow-cooking vegetables, ratatouille and cooking in both past and …
M. F. K. Fisher’s last picnic: a salmon pink supper club
an ode to our launching supper club with M. F. K. Fisher …
On cooking during quarantine
From the archive: on cooking during quarantine
The Salmon Pink Interviews: Isa & Monica Mazzocchi of La Palta di Bilegno
During Irene's Italian stay, she paid a visit to a local institution …
Pasta Gone Wrong by Irene
Irene retells her epic culinary fail from her first night alone in …
Le Pain de Margaux
Pain in English means bread in French
A Taste of Childhood by Irene
A taste of childhood

The salmon pink diaries

bonding over recipes: the cookbooks that made us
A journey into four of our favourite cookbooks.
Our Virtual Reality
on building a virtual salmon pink kitchen
The Murder Mystery
The Salmon Pink Book Club Chronicles – The Murder Mystery

The salmon pink monthly book round-ups

The Salmon Pink Kitchen
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