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In August 2018, we moved into a salmon pink kitchen. Since, it’s been smelling of basil and tomato sauce, we’ve kneaded a few doughs at the wobbly wooden table, and there is always a moka pot resting on the hob. If you enter the salmon pink kitchen, you’ll most likely be welcomed by a 90s playlist, will find a tin of sardines in the recycling bin, and we bet you will stop by the vaguely sexual paintings hanging on the walls. In the salmon pink kitchen we remake our worlds, cooking, reading and writing.

Living in salmon pink is being chefs at home, cooking for one or for ten, equally feeding our minds and our bodies. The salmon pink kitchen is epicurean, romantic, comfortable in her home and proud of her accents.

Bienvenue to our virtual salmon pink kitchen, where you’re all a casa!

Gastronomically yours,

Irene and Margaux

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